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It is the unique choice for “unattended parking lot” and “senseless parking” by its extraordinary features:
1.Efficient Servo Motor
Low power high output, energy conservation and environmental friendly. The output is 100W; its consumption is only 17% to 33% of normal barrier gate. Energy saving at least 1000-2000 degrees during its lifetime compared with normal barrier gate.
2.Efficient and precise planetary reducer drive.
Equipped with the same planetary reducer as industrial robots and industrial automation equipment—double planetary reducer, with low frictional resistance, low internal friction, 5-10 million service times, completely maintenance-free during its service.
3.Advanced servo controlling system
Grasped core technology, with fast speed and high accuracy, it genuinely realized the PID closed loop control between running speed and acceleration.
Automatically adapt to the load fluctuation. The speed of bar up & bar down can be set optionally from 0.6-6sec.
Intelligent self-inspection. It’ll report its operation performance, alarm information, whether in proper operation condition to its host system. (Gradually realize the remote troubleshooting)
4.High Security
Automatically lifting when power off, which complies with the fire safety requirements.
Anti-collision protection function.
Auto-Reverse or Auto-Stop function when hitting obstacles.
5.Five “without” design, reversing your cognition to existing barrier gate
Without position sensor, precise stop position, perfectly synchronized for two opposite barrier gates.
Without shock absorption rubber brick, no impact, no bounce, adjustment free.
Without clutch device, automatically lifting when power off, or can be set as unlocking when power off (under this setting, barrier arm can be lifted manually).
Without keyway design, no more worries about hidden danger by the gap between key and keyway and the lever jitter problem.
Without brake design, no more worries about problem caused by brake wear and the resulting reliability problem.
6.All-weather adaptability
Excellent water proof and dust proof performance, waterproof standard IP54.
Excellent weather ability index, working temperature from -40℃to 80℃. Military quality, all- weather working, no matter in freezing cold winter or in scorching heat summer.
It can also work under AC110 264V/47 63Hz, particularly suitable for the unstable voltage area.
Optional connect with DC24V backup battery, compatible with solar system, wind power generation, moveable work anywhere anytime.

Main technical parameters

Servo Barrier Gate






Boom Length/Sectional Size


≤3.0m / Φ75mm

Octagonal Bar 80×46 mm

≤4.0m /Φ75mm

Octagonal Bar 80×46 mm

≤5.0m /

Octagonal Bar  80×46 mm

≤6.0m /

Octagonal Bar 80×46 mm

Open/Close Time

0.6 sec

0.9 sec

1.4 sec


3.5 sec.




Max Power Consumption (operating)



Max Power Consumption (standby)


Power Supply

AC110-264V / 47-63HZ

Control Voltage

24V DC/max.300mA

Service life

5-10 million times

Motor No-load Speed


Machine Case Thickness / Surface Treatment

2.0mm steel plate / outdoor electrostatic powder spraying

Driving Method

Servo Motor + Planetary Reducer

Protection Level


Operating Temperature / Relative Humidity

-40~+80 / ≤90%

Running Noise


Machine Case Size

332×323 ×960 mm

Package size

383 ×499 ×1033 mm


51 KG